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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Day I Walked Through Walls

Well, kinda sorta. We tore down the wall to the back of the house last week and every day we are getting close and closer to moving in. Wall Nut's friend Mr. Shiny came over and helped us out...Thanks Mr. Shiny, You Rock! This post is really about the pictures, so I will get right to it! And sorry, apparently my camera lens was filthy and I didn't notice it. Oops.

The beginning of the end.

Mr. Shiny and the Saws All
The Wall

That hole used to be a window.
Way back when.

This is where the stairs used to end.

The wall is coming down!

The wall has left the building.

The first part of the wall is gone!

Another view.

This used to be the door to our back yard!
They are standing on what used to be our back
patio, before the excavator dug it up.

Nothing but support posts left from the framing
of the old part of the house.

The guys built temporary support posts to hold up the house
while the new header gets put in place. And then took
down the posts from the original house.

The new header is in place and all posts are gone!

Just another view of the awesome new header.

Wide open spaces.

And again from the other side. The bottom of 
the stairs doesn't run into the wall any more!!

So there is the project for the week! And of course it is still a work in progress. Hopefully the tarps will come down soon so I can get my living room back.

I can't even get in there to take more pictures at the moment.
Our bedroom is over there somewhere too.


Stefenie said...

Wow! What a project you have going on! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Brianne said...

Looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to see it finished! Im sure you cant wait more!!

Lisa Curcio said...

Yeah, me neither Stefenie, lol!

Lisa Curcio said...

I can't wait to see it finished either Brianne :D we are so close(ish)

Tyler said...

YAY! Getting closer all the time :) Cant wait to see it finished and all decorated!

Helga said...

I can just imagine how excited you must be, I´m excited for you :o) I´m looking forward to seeing the finished project (and you must be too LOL).

I love your is too cute!

Have a great weekend!

Sassy said...

You guys have been busy! How fun! I bet you can't wait to get it finished!

Emily said...

Oo, excellent. You must be so excited!

UnicycleRose said...

Remodeling can be a headache, but the results always look and feel wonderful. I hope it all goes smoothly! The pictures tell a nice story...

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