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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Spy with my Wee Little Eye

Wing Nut - "I spy with my wee little eye, something skin colored." 
Little Nut Nut - "Me, me, I am skin colored!"

Little Nut Nut - "I spy with my wee little eye, something mommy colored!"
Wing Nut - "Mama!!"

E Nut - "I spy with my wee little eye, something with little tootsies"
Me - "Wee Nut!!"

Yay! This post has been brought to you by totally random nonsense.


Stefenie said...

Love the I spy with your kids. My kids love playing that game whenever we are waiting at the doctor's office. Of course after waiting for twenty plus minutes you start running out of things to "spy". Fortunately Wyatt always likes to think outside the box and he starts using his imagination to come up with things for us to guess. Normally it takes a good ten minutes and lots of guessing to figure out that we are playing an imaginary I spy game. LOL!!!

alicia said...

We play this in the car a lot. My daughter has almost all the books too.

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