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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! Another week is flying by and the weekend is almost here, I think that is one of the things I am most Thankful for today :) The Wall Nut is home for the weekend and he is out working on our addition with his brother. He just finished up painting the last coat of Walle-e Yellow on Wing Nut's room and is heading out the door to go pick up E Nut from school. I love it when Wall Nut is home because that means that I don't have to do as much running around will the babies. So Thankful for that!

I am Thankful that my husband actually got paid! It looks like the new theme for the year is to only pay once a month. Good thing I am good with budgeting.

I am Thankful that I found my lost van registration bill, and that we finally got that taken care of! And Thank you kind Officer who quietly told the nice man behind the counter at the auto shop, that my vehicle tags were expired and then casually slipped out the door instead of giving me a ticket. Without that simple bit of kindness, I for one, would have never noticed that my van tags were expired, and secondly, by not giving me a ticket, he saved me from trying to figure out how exactly I was going to pay for that ticket.

I am Thankful that Wall Nut's financial aid check came and it will cover the last of the insulation that we need for the addition.

Thank you again to my BFF from around the corner who comes a few days a week to hang out with the kids early in the morning while I take a few of the other kids to school! Krysti, you rock!

Simple things I am Thankful for this week, my DVR is suddenly recording again and I was able to record 24 while Wall Nut was still at work and we were able to watch it together last night. Hot Tea on cold mornings, Nutella on a spoon, a baby boy who turned 22 months old yesterday, a baby girl who is has an infectious smile who always makes me giggle, Homeschool lessons that are exciting for my 8 year old, my 6 year old who is getting all of his work done in school and a 3 year old who has spent another week wearing big boy underwear.

I am also Thankful that I found that lost, frozen chicken that managed to elude me for most of the day. Thank goodness for deep freeze, that bird was still frozen solid after setting out all day on a stack of paint cans. Still can't figure out how I manged to walk by it twenty times yesterday and still not see it. I guess it just didn't want to be eaten for dinner last night. Sorry to say little birdie, you are dinner tonight! Boy do you smell good!

As always, I am Thankful for my happy, healthy, wild little beasties that run around my house all day long driving me crazy, I am Thankful that my husband has a job, we have a roof over our heads and for our wonderfully supportive group of friends and family and all the ways they help us.

So what are you Thankful for today? It is so easy to join in and tell everyone.

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Not every one has a blog, so:

2. If you don't have a blog, you can leave a Thankful Thoughts comment in the comment section.

3. You can show your Thankful Thoughts any way you like, as a list, as a story, as one word, one sentence or just a picture.

Have fun!


Brianne said...

I bet you are thankful you found that chicken. That could have been well a disaster!

Sorry I didn't play along this week. I am waiting for my new router to come in to get on the internet!

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