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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Samples, Coupons, Dinner and an Exciting Trip

Not too exciting around The Nut House today. Catching up with homeschool, laundry and other tedious housework. I did get to open up some free samples that came in the mail with a couple of coupons. You can see my samples over at my frugal living blog I'm Not Cheap, I'm Frugal.

I have not been to the store in a while, I think the last time I went grocery shopping was the day I brought Owain home from the hospital almost 2 weeks ago. Dinner was a bit hard to come up with, but I did some experimenting and came up with something the kids loved! You can see what I whipped up for dinner on my recipe site From My Kitchen to Yours.

I also have some exciting news about a short trip, that I will be making By Myself! I have not done that in almost 10 years. It is a long distance from where I live and it is in a state that I have never been to before. I am working out the details with a certain organization that I love love LOVE. After a few more emails I will be telling everyone all about it. I am bursting with excitement and can hardly keep my mouth shut. I can't wait to tell y'all about it!


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