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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Nut House Now Has a FaceBook Fan Page

I finally started using my facebook accoungt a few months ago. I had it for so long I had to go through my list of way to many email accounts so I start using it. I like facebook, I love the games, maybe a bit too much. When I can't sleep I find myself checking out my farm on FarmVille. If I check out the farm during the day and my Little Nut Nut sees the farm, he runs up, climbs up into my lap and starts dictating to me what needs to be done on the farm. Wing Nut loves to help out on "the farm" too, all the kids do in fact and it can become a huge time waster. But in the end we all have fun.

The majority of my friends on facebook are in the Heart Community. They are either parents or relatives of Heart children or they are adults living with a CHD...Surviving with a CHD. It is so good to meet adults with CHDs, it gives us Heart Moms hope. We see them living life and dealing with adult issues of having a CHD. We get to hear their stories and see that the tunnel is lit all the way to the end, and that growing to be an adult with a CHD is not just about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So while I started my facebook page with the intention of using it as another way to connect with y'all it has become more of a personal space. A few weeks ago I got brilliant idea that  I need to set up another social networking site, because apparently, I just don't have enough yet, and get The Nut House a Fan Page on FaceBook.

So here it is, come on over and be a fan of The Nut House!

The Nut House

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I also have this button in the side bar if you need to find it later, you know, like if you don't have a facebook account yet but just have to set one up so you can become a fan of The Nut House.


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