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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Family is Full of Nuts, Ever Wonder How We Got That Way?

Welcome to The Nut is not just a catchy saying, well yeah it is, but not around here. We are all actually Nuts and have been for years. And when it comes down to it, my oldest Nut, Wing Nut made us that way. Which is fitting because one of my favorite sayings has been, for years "Family is like Fudge, Sweet with a few Nuts."

I have a some what selfish need to hear my children laugh. I love to hear it, it makes me laugh. All of my children are very ticklish, and it is completely my fault. From the moment they were born, I have been poking at them, giving little tickles to make them smile, laugh, and sometimes I get to hear them scream "stop, I'm gonna pee my pants."

My oldest is so ticklish I can barely touch him without him giggling and very possibly falling to the ground uncontrollably, which tends to be a great way to defend myself against a gang of children climbing all over me. When he was very young, all I had to do was lift up his arm and say "I am going to get your wing-ding!" and that was all I had to do, I didn't even need to touch him. Just the thought of getting tickled under his arms sent him into uncontrollable laughter. He laughed so hard I started calling him Wing Nut.

And so began the naming of the Nuts.

We soon realized Wing Nut was a name that was going to stick with my oldest, so as parents, we had to come up with our own Nutty names. Mama and Daddy Nut just didn't cut it either. We have been remodeling our home for almost 7 years. We have cut giant holes into walls, built new walls, fixed walls, and painted walls. My husband was and has been the master of the walls. And that makes him the Wall Nut.

At the time of the naming of the Nuts, I was breastfeeding my second son, who was at that time a tiny baby. I became the Chest Nut, and he became the Pea Nut. All of our children since then have started out as Pea Nut, that is what we called them in the belly and when they were first born. They have all had to grow into their Nut name, and there may come a time when the names need to evolve again depending on where their personality takes them.

So then comes along baby number three. The Pea Nut name is then passed on to baby in the belly, and then 2 year old Pea Nut becomes E Nut. Occasionally E Nut is also known as Goof Nut, but that is only when he pulls out the comedian deep inside and gets me laughing.

Are you following me? A recap might be in order...

With 3 kids we had Wing Nut, E Nut with Pea Nut in the belly.

Baby number four came along much quicker than the others, with only a year before I got pregnant again. Coming up with another Nut name, didn't come so easy for number 3 this time, and I think for a while we had Pea Nut the baby and Pea Nut the baby in the belly. I had a scary pregnancy with Owain, and still to this day, I feel it was my will to keep him here no matter what. I bled heavily with him for the first 15 weeks and thought several times that I would loose him. But I knew he had to be with me, he needed me and I was perfect for him. From the moment I saw him he was my little Owee, even though he was my biggest baby, he was and always will be my little Owee. After he came home from his first surgery he became the Wee Nut.

Baby number five was a huge shock for us, especially after everything we went through with Wee Nut. He was almost 6 months old when we got pregnant again. Now we really had to come up with a name for Nut number three. I think he is the Nutties one of all of them. He says things like, I love life, I am made of awesome and has the most infectious laugh. He became Little Nut Nut when I was pregnant for the fifth time. Really, he is such a Little Nut Nut, Haha!

There really isn't much creativity so far in the naming of our fifth Nut, as the only girl in a family of 5 children, our little Pea Nut in the belly became She Nut the moment she was born.

I have recently decided that I have outgrown my name of Chest Nut, for a few reasons. The first one being that She Nut decided she was done nursing and that baby mush and formula is good enough for her. And except for a few short months in between a few pregnancies when the kids were done nursing, I am not pregnant or nursing and will never experience either of those again. So Chest Nut looses its cute breastfeeding connotation. Also, for years my nickname has been Hazel. I have hazel eyes, and my celtic tree month is the Hazel tree. So recently after She Nut decided to ween herself, I evolved into Hazel Nut. A new name for a new stage in my life.

She Nut is the one doing the evolving now. She is seven months old, bounces herself to sleep in the saucer and bouncy thingy that hangs from the door. She rolls over, sucks her thumb like it is going out of style, babbles at her brothers, and does her best to be heard over all the chaos. She is as sweet as can be and everything I ever dreamed a little baby girl would be. Now she needs a new name. The other day I called her Sugar Nut and later that day I called her Honey Nut. I am thinking that Sugar Nut is the way to go, but I am still not sure. So what do you think? Sugar Nut or Honey Nut, any other ideas? Should she stay as She Nut? I have a poll in my side bar and you can vote on your favorite name. The Poll is just under her "profile" picture on the left.

When I was pregnant with She Nut, Wall Nut got me a Welcome to The Nut House flag. I stopped posting in my other blog, and started this one. I even got the colors for this blog from that flag. We still don't have it hanging out in front of the house yet, but when we do I will swap out that picture in my sidebar for a photo of the actual flag. Don't hold your breath for that though, we got plenty to do out back.

So there it is, That is The Nut House in a Nut Shell.


All American x5 said...

Too cute. I like them both but am gonna go with Honey Nut because it reminds me of that cute little Cheerios bee concerned with everyone's heart health. That so totally fits you and your cause!

Have a great evening!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That was so much fun to read-- and to finally realize how NUTTY (yes, pun intended!) you are. I had no idea the nut theme went beyond your blog!

I realllllllly like Honey Nut, and just like the previous commenter (whose blog I also read!), it's because it reminds me of Cheerios!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Kate said...

This post made me smile! You're so great :-0

Crayon Wrangler said...

I have to go with Honey Nut too. It just has that "ring" to it!
I loved this post and getting to read about all your nuts. Whoa...that sounded wrong...well, you know what I meant.
I have so much fun chatting with you everyday. I just wanted to tell you that.

Laanykidsmom said...

I voted for Honey Nut too, just like the previous commenters!

Rose said...

I just wanted to say hello from a fellow Shenandoah Valley resident. I have lived in Harrisonburg, Port Republic, Broadway, Timberville and currently live in Stuarts Draft. Love your blog.

Holly said...

I think that was about one of the best descriptions I have ever read! Following you here too!
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