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Sunday, March 21, 2010

E Nut's First Baseball Injury

A Big Fat Bloody Lip!

E was out playing baseball with his dad a little while ago...I had a sleeping 3 year old on the couch next to me, an 8 month old (She Nut is 8 months old today!) who passed out in the exersaucer, an 8 year old sitting next to me playing games on the Lego website and a very cranky sick little Owee who had just calmed down and was staring with heavy eyes at Cowgirl Dora. I could feel sleep creeping in and ready for the nap I longed for.

Then I heard the cry of 6 year old E Nut that was not the cry of a child getting in trouble, which I could have slept through, but the cry of a little boy who just got nailed in the mouth with a baseball. Poor sad bloody little boy.

This is after he got cleaned up.

Whoa, that is a big fat lip!

He is already asking if he has to go to school tomorrow. Um, yes you do little boy.


CraftGirlAlli said...

awww poor guy! But, having boys, we better get used to those!

Cop Mama said...

Oh goodness! Oh well, little boys, gotta love em!

Stefenie said...

OUCH!! That's gonna sting for a while! Poor guy!

Lisa Curcio said...

I was up all night with Owee, so I was sleeping when my husband took him to school this morning...I was hoping to get a look at his lip to see how it was doing.

Lips and mouths bleed a lot at first, but seem to heal fairly quick. He can be very shy, I hope is is OK today.

Cascia said...

Poor little guy! I hope it heals up fast. By the way we have the same exersaucer. And my son will be eight months on the 31st. Have a wonderful Monday!

MollyinMinn said...

Oh my, you're not kidding that is a big fat bloody lip! But man does he have great eyes!

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