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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Girl Has Learned How to Sit Up Unsupported

Sunday I was hanging out with She Nut trying to get her to sit up by herself. She was too excited to sit still, every time she found herself sitting, she would straighten out her legs and arch her back and then down she would go. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we all went outside to play when the kids were done with their homework. I laid a beach towel down and figured she would just roll around. When I sat her down, she actually stayed! And she managed to spend most of the time out there sitting up as well. She was on the slightest slope, where her legs where just a little bit down hill and her butt was planted on level ground. Just enough to give her balance and confidence to do it. Even after we came inside and she was sitting on level floor, she was a professional sitter. She went from no control one day, to mastering sitting the next. And here I was feeling all guilty that my 8 month old still couldn't sit up, when she was just waiting until she felt like it.

And you have to check out her shirt...last summer it was a dress that came down to her knees. What do you think, does it work?

Hanging out being Cool.

Hey wait! I think I am sitting up.

Oh, Hi Mama, I'm a sitter!

Look Mama, no hands!

Oops, I got a bit excited...


Michelle said...

Way to go, She Nut! Such cute pictures too- I love the "no hands" one!

Rose said...

Dress makes a perfect shirt for the perfect little girl.. she is growing up fast, but then they do that:)

trooppetrie said...

your not talking to yourself (snicker, snicker). I love when they learn new things

Ashley Hudson said...

Awww, go go go little She Nut! She is so adorable, Hazel, and growing so fast!

RHONDA said...

How cute is That!!! lol... U go girlie!!


Kate said...

Oh she is absolutely precious :-)

I love how you paired the leggings - I do that with my 2 yr old so she can get more wear out of her things. AND it looks super cute!

Anonymous said...

she's so cute! how's everyone? maybe you guys can venture out to Verona one of this weekends and look at the chikens and play outside...let me know


Anonymous said...

A knowing old bird.

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