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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get Fit with the Wii Fit

We got the Wii Fit for this past Christmas. We tried to get it last year but it was sold out everywhere, so my mom got it around August or September last year. I have to say I Love This Thing!!!

Really, I figured the kids would use it way more than I would, but I am so hooked on the Wii Fit that I have a hard time stepping away from it. I have a hard time telling the kids we have to stop for dinner. I have a hard time telling the kids we have to stop for bed. Really, Wii Fit is so much fun! And not only are we having tons of body hurts the next day. I mean really hurts, like I just spent the day at the gym...because there have been times we have played on the Wii Fit almost all day.

For all of the Heart Mamas out there, I know you understand what I mean when I say that we have been living in the CHD Bubble. No large gatherings of germy children...than means no library, no YMCA, no Discovery Museum, no playground or activity center at the mall. Nothing, we go nowhere. Wee Nut had his second surgery in October 2008 and we were in the Bubble for 8 months post op. We had a few glorious outings before we were told to go back into the Bubble because of H1N1. Even though we are on the high priority list, my kids have only had the first H1N1 shot. She Nut has her 6 month check up this week, so hopefully we will know better if they will be getting the second shot soon, but for now, still in the Bubble. And that is why I love the Wii Fit so much!!

I think that the Wii Fit is perfect for many different types of families, but for children with special needs, I think it is just the bee's knee's! And while I understand the need for socializing with children, I think it is a great tool for homeschoolers as well. We used to have the kids enrolled in swimming lessons, martial arts, tball, soccer, basketball, you name it. If the Y offered it, my kids took it. And I got to work out too while we were there. We had such a great time, we were all in great shape and as a family we all made wonderful friends. Granted, most of the friends we made were our "Y" friends because they came from all over town and not all of the kids when to my kids school. Now that we live in the Bubble, all of that is gone. And honestly, with this economy and the way our finances have been going for the last 6 months, there is no way we could afford all of that any more anyways. So the Wii Fit is our new way to work out as a family.

So I got to thinking, I know I am not the only one out there who has a Wii Fit. And I have also been reading how many of you have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. You are all doing so great with the Shred! Congrats on sticking with it. Now that I have gotten to know my Wii Fit and how it works, I am setting up goals and getting back into a regular workout schedule. I am looking for anyone who has the Wii Fit and wants to get serious about setting goals and sticking with them.

I am still in the beginning stages of getting a weekly check in and blog hop going, but if you want to join in let me know. I still haven't gotten a chance to do all of the workouts on the Wii Fit yet, so I am not sure if I am going to set up certain goals to work on as a group, or if we will just work together to support each other. I also can't decide if this will be set up for monthly goals, every 3 months or longer like 6 or 12 months, or if we will just go from week to week and report in.

Who is in? Any suggestions?


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I think that's a great idea!

I have also heard great things from Wii Fit users. I don't have one myself, but I wonder if it would be better for me to buy one and ditch my pricy gym membership and never have to worry about having the time or energy to "get out of the house" to exercise again!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Terena said...

I want to get a Wii too. I think Queen Teen would really enjoy it. She can't play video games because of her antaxia, but she could use her gross motor skills to play some of the Wii games. At least that's the theory. I plan to buy one when I'm finished with school (can't afford one now)

Melanie said...

I had to quit the 30 Day Shred. I always say I am not a quitter but unfortunately I started getting chest pains. The 30 Day Shred is WAY hard! I've been keeping my workout a bit low key the last couple of days and have started WiiFit again. I love it! It is SO much fun that you don't realize you are actually working out.

Lisa Curcio said...

Just before Christmas they lowered the price or the Wii to $199. I don't know if that is the new low price or a Christmas special. The new Wii Fit is more expensive than it was last year, but it has way more activities and least that is what the dude at Target told me.

Elizabeth, the total cost of the Wii and the Wii Fit is less than our family membership to the YMCA...with our financial scholarship. And the Y membership doesn't even include all of the extra classes that we used to sign the kids up for. I like the Wii Fit because I can hop on it when ever I have the time, for an hour or for 10 minutes and I don't even have to get dressed lol.

Terena, I bet there are some games that Queen Teen could do. Many of the games are leaning or swinging the controller.

heather said...

sounds like something i need to get involved in. i started using the wii fit a long time ago, but then let it go. now i have wii fit plus that i got for christmas. so i really need to start using it...faithfully.

i hear so much great stuff about the shred, not sure if my health is up to par enough to try it. i did get the biggest loser for wii, not sure how intense that will be.

Tracy said...

We got the Wii Fit awhile ago and in all honesty it didn't work out that well for me with Emmy. She always wanted to do it with me, and I found myself hiding and locking myself in my room when I wanted to really use it.

I also have EA Active which I also like since it has different exercises.

But last week I got Wii Fit+ and we tried that out yesterday and it was wonderful. The multi player mode meant that Emmy and I could take turns, and while the exercises are still to hard she worked at them and did improve- she wants to beat me badly.

Now if I only can get my behind out of bed at 430 and work out early we will be in business. ;)

Kate said...

We love our Wii! I haven't tried to Wii fit yet... Maybe once I'm done shredding ;-)

Brianne said...

We love the Wii and Wii fit!! Its great~

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