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Thursday, December 10, 2009

She Nut and I Wore Pink Today for Angel Baby Cora

Baby Cora passed away this past week after only a few beautiful days with her family. She scored high on her Apgars and looked to be perfectly healthy. She spend her lasts moments breastfeeding with her loving mother before passing suddenly and unexpectedly from and undiagnosed Heart Defect. Kristine had a normal and healthy pregnancy and baby Cora looked great and healthy on the ultrasounds.

Kristine requested that others wear pink in honor of Cora as she said goodbye to her precious angel baby today. Wing Nut used his budding photography skills today at Wee Nut's peds cardiology appointment today to get me and She Nut's picture wearing pink. I had an anxious week leading up to Wee Nut's appointment today, but after learning of Cora's passing I found it hard to be upset for our situation when there are so many who are not as lucky to receive the miracle that we did with Owee.

You can find others who wore pink for Cora here on Once Upon a Cline.


Cop Mama said...

Such a sad story, but making others aware is so very important.

queen dani said...

How was your appointment today?

annamarie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!! I took a pic with our heart baby Eve in pink for Cora - right away! Sorry I didn't catch it sooner. And I'm so glad to find your blog...nice!! Your family is wonderful. I've seen so many good resources here. Launching 1in100 - a campaign to end CHD. Family driven...on Facebook at 1in100. will be up soon! Interesting note - we flew our baby from Minneapolis to Boston for her surgeries 8 months ago - we were right next door in the NICU to Stellan and his mom. Amazing, 2 MN families there - same time. Annamarie

Rachel said...

Awww... I so often forget how fragile life is! Thanks for the reminder!

Arizona Mamma said...

This is horribly sad. I can't imagine how the family feels, and pray that they have peace in their hearts.

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