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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holy Ton of Snow Batman!! This is a Snow Storm the Kids will Never Forget!

We got hit with the biggest snow storm in over a decade and I am pretty sure that this is the most amount of snow on record for the month of December Evah!

I have been complaining about the lack of snow in the Shenandoah Valley for the past 7 years...and my husband has just informed me that it is more like Whining...whatever, I miss the NY snow lol.

At first I was excited to hear that we would be getting 6-12 inches of snow, and then we heard that it could be up to 14-16 inches of snow. I took these pictures yesterday around 1pm and it snowed for another good 8-10 hours after that. I haven't been out to do the final measurements yet today, but you know I will :)

It looks like we will be having a White Christmas in the South and I couldn't be happier!

Our front stoop is covered and was shoveled Friday night
after several inches of snow already fell.

Around 1pm on Saturday, we had 22 inches of snow.
It continued to snow for about 8-10 hours after this.

You can see a little strip of the retaining wall. You can see
a picture of what it looks like with no snow

A few weeks ago I was wicked excited to get a few inches of snow
you can see the difference in this post here.

Here is my fairly tall Rosemary plant. I took a picture of it and
it can be seen same in that same post that I linked up to in the
photo up above this one.

The two bushes in the just below the front window are pruned to
be below the window. And there is Mr Nut waving from the warmth
of the house. He is hanging out with the babies so I can take pictures.
What a sweet guy!

Friday evening we were driving around in the storm getting ready to be
snowed in, so our van has a bit less snow than the other vehicles. That
strange car in front of my van should have never parked in my spot.
Public parking around here is not really for all the public to use. Just sayin'.

The path down to the road is actually stairs.
 The across the street neighbor's car is even more buried today.

I am so happy I could burst! I am above my knees in snow and I can't
even get to the ground because the snow was getting packed under my feet.

E Nut is trying to get to the Cozy Coupe. He was actually thinking
that he could get in it and drive around. It made a nice little
fort though.

This is E Nut's "I am so excited I don't know what to do with
myself" face.

Wing Nut contains his excitement a little better.

The snow is up to the bottom of the swings and almost to the
top of the little slide.

Little Nut Nut is in awe of the snow and is so light he mostly crawled around
on top of the snow. He was jumping up and down to try to reach the ground.

This is a good view of the back of our house. The back of our house
with the addition is two stories, the rest of the house is a single
story home.

Mr Nut started building a fort yesterday with the 3 oldest Nuts after I went back into the house. They are going to go out this afternoon and finish it today. We forgot to hang the winter clothes to dry yesterday, and are waiting for them to finish drying so they can go back out again. Right now, we have more snow than my parents do in New York!


april said...

WOW!!! That's a lot of snow...wish we could experience some snow here in our country (wishful thinking!).

Have a great holiday!!

And btw, your kids are so cute! ^^

Éimí said...

you got more snow then we did in RI...I have some pics up on my blog...and we got more then my mom in NY too....they didn't get ANY. Great pictures!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

ok you big snow hog... send some to Texas would ya????

Helga said...

My kids would be in heaven right now!!! We had a touch of snow and I took some pics that I am going to put on my blog later today but it was nothing compared to your snow :o) Have fun!!!

amyc said...

i love that snowy pic of you, beautiful!

Maura said...

We are in PA and we got hit pretty hard, like 2 feet. Its great! I love the snow!

Tyler said...

OMG!! How super fun.. i am so jealous! I bet you guys had a blast.. thanks for putting so many pics up.. keep them coming.. did I mention I was jealous?! ;) Enjoy

Laura said...

Wowzers, that is a whole lotta snow!! I agree, there MUST be snow on Christmas. Love it! Enjoy. :)

Stefenie said...

Now that's a whole lotta snow!! Bet your hubby is wishing you had stopped whining about how much you wanted it to snow! LOL!!!

Have fun!

Lisa Curcio said...

Well, by the time I got back out to measure, it had settled and started to pack down. My guess is that we were over 25 inches by the end of the day. I hear we are supposed to get snow on Christmas Eve, but that it also might be rain.

I like to think that all of this snow is DUE to all of my Whining for the past 7 years lol. It is all me, I made this happen. I know, it is a bit much, but I seem to be the only one around here having fun. All my neighbors have been complaining for days while I run around shouting my excitement.

Shannon said...

Just happened to see a twitter on BF where you were talking about your snow and can I just say HOLY CATFISH BATMAN that is a lot of snow....Have fun with that and hopfully you dont have to leave home before it is a little more manageable out there :)

Brianne said...

Ok I think I am the only hater of snow! I mean its pretty coming down and it happened on a Sat so hubby didnt have to go to work, because he would have!

But I got no shopping done and girly had off from school today so yea umm some more no shopping happened!

BOWquet said...

LOVE all that snow! :)

Kristine said...

I'm glad you shared. I feel like I had a snow day too after seeing all the snowy fun.

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