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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


When I find disposable diapers in the laundry, I wonder if I threw the diaper in the laundry and the clothes in the garbage...or if I am so used to cloth diapers that I just head for the laundry room no matter what?

As E Nut got caught trying to take a lightsaber to school this morning, I wonder if the only reason he got caught was because it was so big...and how many other toys have slipped past me and made it to school? And if so, where are they now?

I wonder if eating ice cream for breakfast counts as having a well balanced meal if it has almonds in it? Dairy, with protein, covered in fruit. It seems reasonable.

I wonder what all the neighbors were thinking yesterday evening, when we were doing yard work, racing to get something done before the sun went down. Was it "Oh my, did you just see Little Nut Nut fall down the stairs?" Or was it, (1 minute later) "Oh my gosh, did you just see E Nut whack Little Nut Nut in the face with that stick?" (because he wasn't paying attention to his little brother while playing Spiderwick) Or was it "Oh my goodness gracious, they sure are a loud family." (as Little Nut Nut is screaming in pain, E Nut is howling and crying for getting in trouble, and Mom is yelling over the both of them trying to figure out exactly what just happened). Really, when it comes down to it, I am not sure I want to know.

If I threw away all of Wee Nut's toys, I wonder if he would even notice as long as he had a huge bin folded clothes to swing around his head and throw all over the room?. This is becoming his favorite thing to do...I really should have learned my lesson by now.

I wonder if all 3 year old's come home from preschool with homework, or is it just mine?

I wonder why the street cleaner only drives by my house when I am at home? It would be nice to have a clean spot to park in. Just say'n.

I wonder if She Nut has any idea why I hit her on the back repeatedly after every meal? Is she thinking "What is the deal with this thump thump thumping on my back?" Or is it "Hurry up and burp me before I spew all over the place?"

I wonder what Wing Nut is thinking when I catch him staring off into space when he is supposed to be doing his homeschool lesson? Is it really "Interesting numbers?" And what does that really mean?

I wonder, what do you all wonder about?


Amy said...

Have you been in my house!? I think my daughter waits for me to fold laundry so she can throw it all over the floor. I may fold the same load 3 or 4 times!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, this was funny! The first one made me laugh, I put weird things in weird places a lot...I blame it on sleep deprivation.
My 3 year old does not come home from preschool with homework. :)
Cute post, I love it!
Have a great day!

Cascia said...

I wonder about a lot of things too, but those are something else. I've thought about getting rid of my kids' toys, but I think they would notice.

Chell said...

When my child was three... she had "projects" sent home each week, part of a "family time" thing.

Stefenie said...

I wonder all sorts of things too so it's not just you. I think that those who have children don't give much thought when they hear the "family chaos" outside. LOL!!!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

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