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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Friday Photos

Wee Nut is the only little Nut that we have with dark hair and dark eyes. Wing Nut's hair is getting darker with age, but our little Owee was born with a full head of dark hair. He also had the most hair at birth. I was so upset when I saw him with the NICU hair cut. All of the other kids are like me, fair skin, light hair, light eyes and pretty much all born bald. Not Owee though.

 Wee Nut takes after his dad. They both make me melt with
those beautiful dark eyes.


Trench Mommy said...

What a sweet picture! Love it!

Helga said...

Ooh what a cute picture of them :o)

Brianne said...

Great pic! They do look alike!

Maura said...

They do look a lot a like. What a great picture!

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