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Monday, September 21, 2009

Good-bye Student Loan!

I am celebrating today, Yippee! And by celebrating, I mean, I smiled and gave my son a high-5, and now I am walking around feeling good about getting rid of this bill. William's student loan is paid in full! It’s a good feeling to get to the end something like this. One less bill to pay, one less thing to worry about. I am sure the "extra" money we have will be absorbed by other things fairly quickly and we won’t even notice it. I am thinking it will go towards flooring for the kids bedrooms in the addition. Or towards furnishing one of the bathrooms.

There was a time when I dreamed about paying off student loans and then being able to get a newer van, going on vacation, or buying a huge TV but now that our addition is getting close to being done, I dream of moving in to it.

I dream of all of the kids sleeping in their own rooms. Not too long ago, I was laying in bed listening to the two babies "talk" to each other in their sleep. One was making sleepy noises and then the other would make sleepy noises. After a few minutes I realized that with 2 babies and 2 adults in that room, we had more than half of the family in there...and the other three members of the family were crammed into an even smaller room. When we bought our home just over 6 years ago, there was 1 child in the bedroom and I was pregnant with the second, and we had a room for him as well. Then we moved the two kids together and I took the second bedroom as an office/studio space so I could work at home. That worked out well for awhile and then we had 3 kids in 3 years and it has been one big blur from there.

So now I dream of having a space for my kids that they can call their own, where they are alone, with no chance of waking each other up in the middle of the night...or waking each other up at the crack of dawn to sneak around the house and play video games. I dream of being able to send them to their rooms when they are separated because they just can't seem to get along. I dream of having a place to put all of their toys so they are not piled up in the corner of one bedroom. I dream of giving 4 boys their own bathroom to stink up that I hardly ever have to enter. I dream of the homeschool room that will be replacing the current bedroom and having all of the kids at home with me.

We did only build four bedrooms, there were only four children when we designed everything. We were able to rework one room and a hallway, so two of the kids will share a room that is bigger than the one they are in now, and they will still have enough space to call their own.

Good-bye student loan, I am not gonna miss you. My student loan on the other hand is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Shelly said...

I'm rejoicing with you. Congrats on the loan being paid.

Li Meng said...


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