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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Electrical Passed Inspection!

This is the post that I was working on weeks ago when I was in labor. I started it in the morning and then I floated through the rest of the day(early labor had me in a daze). Then when I was trying to keep busy during labor I tried to finish it. I would have had it posted before we had to leave for the hospital, but my camera is overloaded with pictures and takes forever to load. By the time I found the pictures, William was reminding me that we need to get to the hospital...and he was right.

From July 20-21

William gave the inspector a call first thing this morning and they came out right away. Will was still finishing up one final thing when they got here. Everything was spot on & we passed inspection the very first time!

How exciting is that!?!

Everything has been moving along so slowly for months and now that the electrical is finished, we can move on. Will is out installing insulation over the covered patio right now! Above the patio is two bedrooms.

We are going to hang the drywall on the ceiling on the second floor and blow in the insulation in the attic space. After that we get to hang the dry wall on the walls. This is starting to get really exciting! I think we are going to try to finish off at least one of the bathrooms first. Three boys and two adults are using one small bathroom and it will be so nice to be able to have another bathroom...and it will be even better when we have three! Yippie.

So here are the pictures of the addition just after the electrical was inspected...

William started the insulation!
(don't mind the neighbors rotten fence...we try not too)
And you can see the retaining wall that Will build last year and part of my small veggie garden.

There is Will hard at work :)

A view from one bedroom into two other bedrooms.

Looking from one bedroom through the closets into another bedroom.
These are the two bedrooms over the patio.

My husband is made of awesome!


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