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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little Nut Nut's First Day of Preschool

Little Nut Nut started preschool today. He is so very proud of himself. We had a meeting with his teacher in his classroom last week and I had to drag him out of there kicking and screaming...explaining to his teacher that he in fact did not normally act like this, and hoping that she believed me. Somehow I don't think she did. Although since turning 3 he has decided that while he is not actually 2, that he was going to start embracing some of the wonderful characteristics of The Terrible Two's. Joy. Mostly it is the random temper tantrum at things that he would normally roll with. I am holding tightly to my theory that since She Nut was born 4 days before his 3rd birthday and that after very cheerfully accepting Wee Nut's birth last year (along with his hospitalization and surgeries) that he needed to start acting out and start acting like a 3 year old who suddenly wants to be the center of attention and get whatever he wants whenever he wants it...I am also holding tightly to my theory that if we just ride it out he will go back to being his always joyful, forever smiling, simply happy, quickly agreeable, never screaming, never whining, never difficult little boy he has always been. Yep. That is my theory, my plan and I am sticking to it.

He was joyful this morning to wake up and finally get to go to school, get dropped off and do whatever it is that he seems to think his big brothers get to do when they get dropped of at school.

He was excited to go out the door.

He was excited to stand on the stoop for the traditional first day of school picture.

We were running late (No, really?!?) so E Nut got dropped off in a frenzy to beat the tardy bell this morning and missed the back seat picture...Little Nut Nut was too excited to notice E Nut was missing.

He was excited to stand in front of his classroom.

And he was eager to sit down and get to work painting sunflowers.

Little Nut Nut is a very happy, joyful, excited little boy who started school today.


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