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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Friday Photos

Ninja Turtle Meets Avatar

The three oldest Nuts love to do face paintings, I suppose I should actually know who is who, but at this point all I know is there is one Ninja Turtle with two characters from Avatar, I think one Air Bender and one Water Bender, but I could be way off with this.


Lorraine Fogarassy said...

Hi Lisa, Can't believe how big the boys are getting. I love reading what goes on at the nut house. Thank you so much for the bracelet and earrings. They are beautiful and the perfect colors. I saw pictures of the baby and the boys your mom took from her last visit. Ariel is so cute. Give them all a kiss from me. Love, Lorraine

Lisa Curcio said...

Your very welcome Lorraine, Thanks so much for the baby clothes for Ariel, they are adorable! I have more picture to share, just working on getting them edited. Tell everyone I said hello and give hugs and kisses from us.

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