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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

The past 9 days since Ariel was born have been flying by so quickly I hardly have time to think. Last week while I was in the hospital I got my days all mixed up and at some point on Friday I realized that it was not Monday. I completely missed Thankful Thursdays last week and have been trying to get to it today for the past 4 hours.

So while little Ariel is sleeping I have (hopefully) enough time to finish this and grab a bite to eat, maybe even get a shower if I am really lucky!

This week Thankful Thursdays is pretty obvious for me, This week I am Thankful for:

1. A perfectly healthy and beautiful little girl.

2. Ariel's labor and delivery was so short, easy and even though I didn't get to the hospital in time for any type of pain was fairly painless compared to my huge baby Owain!

3. My husband Will was awesome during my labor (the part he was awake for) and the delivery of Ariel. He is my rock and did an amazing job of supporting me, making me comfortable and for being able to keep me focused. He stood beside me, held my hand and gave me strength and confidence, he kept me sane, made me laugh and was quick to move when I needed his help. Thank you so much for standing beside me for the birth of all 5 of our beautiful children, I love you!

4. My parents who are here to help me adjust to life with 5 kids, 2 of which are babies and 3 of which are in diapers. Thanks Mom and Dad you are made of awesome!

5. My 3 year old is doing a great job potty training himself, but is still very content to use his diaper occasionally.

6. My 4 boys love their little sister and are so excited to have her home with us! They are already asking for another little sister, sorry boys...the answer is no...and I mean it this time, no more babies for us.

7. My body doesn't hurt so bad any more and I am not so grumpy because of it!

8. Ariel is nursing like a pro with no troubles at all!

9. Ariel is sleeping very well through most of the night and will sleep for about half of it in her bassinet.

10. I am still so very thankful for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

11. Our addition is completely wired and we have full power out there...its all lit up!! (I started a post with pictures after we passed electrical inspection last week when I was in labor, but had to abandon it after my husband reminded me I was in labor...shortly after that I realized I had better get to the hospital pronto!)

12. My dad is awesome with home remodeling (I get my DIY confidence from him!) and has been helping William out with our addition since my parents got here a week ago...Thanks Dad!

13. The last of the gutters is going up on the side of the addition right now...That means our basement will no longer flood and at some point I can get that mess cleaned up.

14. Some of my veggies are not doing so great...but others are thriving and producing something harvestable every day! Grow veggies grow! I love free food!

15. I have little patches of grass that are popping up around my it is only about 3/4 of a muddy mess.

16. William's mother was able to hang out with the kids and take care of them for 2 days while I was in the hospital...they had a great time hanging out with grandma Linda! Thanks Linda, you are made of awesome!

17. Grandma Linda took the kids to Target to buy cute little pink clothes.

18. My aunt Lorraine and Uncle Steve sent a box of cute little pink clothes, they are so very cute!...along with her first little beany baby...Thanks guys!

19. Ginny who works for my mom sent a box of cute little girl clothes, they are so very adorable! Thanks so much Ginny!

20. Will's Aunt Christy sent a box of cute little girl clothes, and they are so very very cute...I can't wait until she fits into the denim jacket with the pink faux fur collar!

21. All the summer clothes are on sale, so we have been getting great deals on cute girly-girl clothes...after 4 boys I have become a cute and adorable girly-girl mom and can't get enough of these cute and adorable girly-girl clothes!

22. I am Thankful that Stellan is hanging in there and his Heart meds are working! I am still praying for him.

23. It just occurred to me that today Ariel is 9 days old...when Owain was 9 days old he had his first Open Heart Surgery for the BT shunt. I am Thankful everyday for Dr Peeler and the amazing work that he does for his Heart Babies!

24. For the most part my boys have given me the peace and quiet to sit and post this and with any luck, I will be posting pictures by the end of the day...I know the suspense is killing you all!

So what are you Thankful for today? It is so easy to join in and tell everyone.


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