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Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Oldest Nut Turned 8!

It was actually last week...maybe longer, but not too much.

I can't believe that my oldest just turned 8 and I am so close to having my 5th. What a quick, short, long, happy, hug filled, chaotic, fun, crazy, sleepless, exciting, overwhelming, jam packed 8 years it has been! I feel like there is no way he could be this old already, and at the same time I look at everything we have done in the past 8 years and realize he is every bit of his 8 years.

So a very late (because that is how we do things at the Nuthouse) Happy 8th Birthday to my first, my little (and now so big) Wing Nut.

Just a Few Days Old

Eight Years Later:
(with his cake stuck in his favorite train cake pan, it was still delicious though!)


Laura said...

they grow so fast, isn't it? he is so sweet. Happy Birthday!

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