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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wondering about a few things??

Just how hard does a 5 year old have to flush the toilet to actually break off the handle?

Why do neighborhood cats like to use my veggie garden as a litter box?

How many times can a 2 year old brush his teeth in one day?

How come my answering machine can answer my home phone, but I can not?

What does it mean to "catch up on all the laundry"? And how long of a window do I have before it is behind again?

Why does my cell phone never ring except when I don't have it near me, or only if I am in the middle of a doctor, dentist, midwife appointment...and then it is that important call I have been waiting for? Tag, your it!

I know I have more questions, but I am out of time for now...


Denise said...

Your 5 yr old remembers to flush?

Its too hot here for a garden but if I had one it would e happy to have any kind of moisture =X

how much tooh paste is there in a tube? thats how many time they can brush

I dont know what it means to catch up on laundry, mine is NEVER done.

My phone never rings except when I'm either in the bathroom, or have left it somewhere and cant find it! But most of the time I would rathe it not ring at all b/c its usually bad news!

Found your blog on blogfrog, just wanted to drop by and say Hi,Howdy,how are ya....

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