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Monday, May 26, 2008

Still waiting for Owain to come home...

Just a few minutes after he was born.

Owain is still at UVA & we are starting to feel like he will never come home. I have been leaving as early as I can after getting the kids off to school & staying until 7pm or later so that I can nurse him. He has had some really good days with his feeding & other days, like today have been really hard & he doesn't want to nurse at all. He has some days when he gains a good amount of weight & then he will loose a little weight every day for a few days. He is still big...over 8 pounds, but the Heart doctors are keeping him there because of his weight. It is starting to get frustrating because last week they told us he would be going home last Friday, then they told us he was coming home today, then Tuesday, & now they say not until Wednesday. I was doing really well with driving back & forth every day, but now that I don't know when he is coming home I just feel so tired and beyond frustrated.

The good news is that they have him completely weened off of the methadone, which is what they had him to cover the withdraw effects of being on the pain killers for so long. The only thing he is on now is aspirin, which he will be on for the rest of his life, a diuretic to help his kidneys & some multivitamins. They did start supplementing his feedings with a concentrated formula to help him gain weight, which is what I was really trying to avoid, but if it helps to get him home faster I can deal with it. They took the feeding tube out a few days ago & he was eating much better after they took, the tube out...until today. It is possible that his fussy feeding today was because he is off the methadone, today was the first full day with out it.

I have a few new pictures of him that I have taken over the past few days...but they are on my camera & I still haven't installed the software to download it. I thought about trying to get that done tonight, but I was at the hospital pretty late tonight because he was such a cranky head I couldn't bring myself to leave. I did want to give a quick update for every one since I haven't been on the computer all week. If I get a few extra minutes tomorrow morning I will load a bunch of new pictures...

Will's mother did the Art in the Park show for me last weekend & we did great! It was actually my second best weekend ever! Whoo Hooo! That is such a good feeling, especially since I most of my money is made doing shows & I wont be doing very many this year. I am used to vending every weekend from the beginning of April all the way through the Christmas Holiday season & now all of that has changed. I am more than freaked out by that! Now more that ever I really need to work on selling on the web....but that is all for another day.

...for now I have to go finally eat my dinner & have a few sips of wine...I think William is chilling a bottle of Mead that I got a few months ago....mmmmm. Again I want to thank you all for all of your love & support, your comments, cards & phone calls mean so much to us. I still do have a bit of a hard time talking about this on the phone, but please know that I appreciate everything!


Lisa Curcio said...

(Anonymous) wrote:
May. 27th, 2008 02:43 pm (UTC)

hugs and energy

We're thinking about you LOTS and sending lots of love and energy to you, Owain and everyone!

Hang in there - every day is another step closer to him coming home. Even if he's not home now..he's there and alive and it's another day to get stronger.

Glad the show went so well; that's a bit of comfort. Sounds like Will's mom gets some major kudos there, too!

Steph2 (SUBF: SilverUnderBerrysForge)!!

Lisa Curcio said...

(Anonymous) wrote:
May. 27th, 2008 05:51 pm (UTC)

Hey it's me, Gypsy!!!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you I'm pulling for you! Things seem to be getting better, and though it feels like forever in the hospital now, you'll have the rest of your lives together later!
Glad to hear the little bugger's doing better, and I think he's going to be much stronger than other kids because of all this "tempering with fire" now. are you hon.
All my love and light to you both!

Lisa Curcio said...

(Anonymous) wrote:
May. 28th, 2008 11:14 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad that little Owain is doing so well, even though there are some problems still. If he just got off the methadone today, I'm not surprised he's a little fussy about eating, that's a very powerful medication. I'm sending out even more healing thoughts and energy that he can be home with his family very soon!


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